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The most advanced weather radar, providing greater performance and reliability

Product Compatibility Update

The following REX products are 100% compatible with Prepar3D v4.5 Hotfix 3:

REX 5 – Environment Force
REX 5 – Sky Force 3D
REX 5 – Worldwide Airports HD
REX 4 – Texture Direct with Soft Clouds
WX Advantage Radar

Currently none of our products are “officially” compatible with Prepar3D v5+. However, since we are part of the beta team for Prepar3D, we have been actively testing and evaluating each product. The current status of each follows:

In Development:
REX 5 – Sky Force
REX 5 – Weather Force (Add-on to Sky Force)

In Process:
REX 5 – Worldwide Airports HD

Under Review:
REX 5 – Environment Force

Will not be made compatible for Prepar3D v5+:
WX Advantage Radar

We will keep you updated with the status of each product as we progress. Thank you for your patience during this time.

May 11, 2020

Environment Force for FSX and Prepar3D

REX and Prepar3D v5

With the release of Prepar3D v5 and the NDA lifted, we are now able to discuss development plans moving forward with the new version.

There are quite a bit of technological advancements inherent and we have been working hard implementing current REX 5 line of products to support the new DX12 engine. As always, our product updates will be free of charge to current customers.

More details of our product compatibility will be provided on our website soon at

April 15, 2020                           

The most advanced weather radar, providing greater performance and reliability

Environment Force Technical Update 2.2 Released

Download the update here or through the Environment Force application. You can also download the latest full version from the store where you originally purchased Environment Force.

February 25, 2020

Environment Force for FSX and Prepar3D

Weather Radar Technical Update 8 Released

Our WX Radar is the most advanced in-sim weather radar, providing great performance and reliability as well as accurate placement of precipitation. The WX Advantage Radar is modeled after the Bendix RDR-4B radar.

November 4, 2019                            

Enjoy a time-lapse of the most advanced shader processor in Prepar3D

Environment Force Released

Enjoy the first real-time on-the-fly dynamic living environment and real-time on-the-fly advanced shader processor! Includes live cloud and sky texture sync technology and our new real-time advanced shader processor and in-sim interface for live tweaking and saving capabilities.

April 30, 2019 

Best texture and weather program for FSX and Prepar3D

Environment Force Time-Lapse Video Released

A brief look at the new real-time dynamic living environment, weather & visibility smoothing and cloud life cycles from REX Environment Force. The time-lapse also utilizes the Sky Force real-time weather engine, cloud models and textures.

April 23, 2019                             

Another award for REX Simulations Sky Force for P3D and FSX

Sky Force 3D – Best Of 2018 Award!

"I rate Sky Force 3D for P3D v4+ 4.80 out of 5 - this truly gave me an exceptional added flight simulation experience. Thank you REX Game Studios for creating this amazing addition for the flight simulation community - Keep up the excellent work!"

– Ray Andersen,

January 11, 2019 

Yeah Baby... PC Pilot Platinum Award!

"REX has a habit of reinventing one's flight sim experience and once again pushed the boundaries to the limit. –

Jessica Bannister-Pearce, PC Pilot Magazine"

December 22, 2018                          

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